Thursday, May 19, 2016

Benefit Brow Bar

When Benefit opened their Brow Bar in Sephora at Halifax Shopping Centre, I was intrigued. I lurked around a few times, seeing what it was all about. Then when I saw the sign that said all the proceeds from the brow wax services in May go towards womens' charities, I knew it was time to act!

You can make an appointment if you want, but I just walked in and was served right away. They have a dedicated spot near the back of the store. All the tools they need are right there, including a ton of Benefit brow products and concealers.

This was the "after" shot. It was spotless before she started on me!

Perched on my pretty stool, I let Madison go about her meticulous work of "mapping" my brows. She used various landmarks on my face to determine where my brows should start, end, and arch. Luckily, my brows are the right length naturally and generally well-behaved.

All mapped out!

Once my face was sufficiently drawn upon, it was time for the wax. Truthfully, it was almost painless, and my brows hadn't been waxed in many months (oops). Once my brows were shaped, it was time to conceal the redness and fill them in to perfection. The whole process took about a half an hour, which sounds long, but I MUCH prefer a precise brow wax rather than a five minute paint and rip routine. It's $24, tax and tip included.

The finished look

Benefit is coming out with a bunch of new brow products in June to add to their already extensive collection. If you want to get some great brows and help empower women as well, get your brows done this month with Benefit! Thanks Madison!

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