Sunday, March 06, 2016

Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond: Week Three

Friday marked the end of my third week on the Arbonne Healthy Living program and I'm officially on the home stretch!

After feeling fabulous going into Week 3, I did hit a snag this week when I hurt my SI joints. Turns out, burpees are really hard on the old back, especially first thing in the morning when perhaps you'd forgotten to do a proper warm-up. I'm feeling a lot better today, but Tuesday and Wednesday were not fun. I was considering calling for help when I suddenly seized up with one leg in a skirt in the fitting room at Banana Republic. I had a massage Tuesday night, which worked out some of the tightness. My workouts this week were pretty tame, with a lot of treadmill walking. I love having the TV and the treadmill in the same room now. I caught up on PLL and Girls while burning calories!

Food this week has been much the same as the previous weeks - chicken, brown rice, chicken, broccoli, chicken, LEAN BEEF, more chicken. Shake, shake, shake. One day when I was feeling really creative, I decided to do a smoothie bowl. I was actually sent a nice recipe book for smoothie bowls, however the recipes contain things I'm not allowed to eat right now, so I will do a little recipe/book review after I'm done the cleanse.

Arbonne vanilla shake blended with almond/coconut milk and blueberries.
Topped with raspberries, pepitas, strawberries, almonds, and gogi berries

Something different for me in Week 3 was the 7 day Body Cleanse. It consists of a liquid packet of what looks like swamp water that you mix in with water and drink in the evening. It didn't taste bad to me at all - kind of like unsweetened freshly juiced apples. It was NOT a "rough cleanse". I'll admit my belly felt a little unsettled on the fourth to seventh days, but it really wasn't bad.

The scale did budge this week a tiny bit, even though I had to curb my workouts. I'm down 0.6 lbs this week and 3.0 lbs total. I'm still shocked at this because I look (to myself) and feel like I'm down more than that.

My cleanse officially ends when I wake up in the morning on March 12. I'm finishing a day early because next weekend is birthday weekend for me, and I want to be able to relax my restrictions. The great thing is, I can't even IMAGINE eating most unhealthy things right now, so I think this cleanse has definitely fixed my bad habits. I do think I'll be able to manage a glass or two of wine and a small piece of birthday cake though!

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