Sunday, July 26, 2015

Date Night at Edible Matters

The rainy vacation week brought about a lot of dining out, and it was really fun! We've tried a few new places, including a spot I've been meaning to check out for quite some time - Edible Matters.

Located about 20 minutes from us in Hammonds Plains,  Edible Matters is a well known for both their baked goods and their meals. For date night, which happens on Wednesdays, they have a prix fixe menu for $60. Included is a shared appetizer, two mains, two desserts and two drinks.

R and I started with calamari and two glasses of wine (one red, one white). Lucky for me, R doesn't like to drink much so 95% of the wine went in my belly.

I thought the calamari was good. R wasn't as much of a fan. I find the real taste of most calamari is disguised by a heavy batter. This batter was really light and the homemade tzatziki was so tasty!

Next we had the seared salmon. I wanted us to try two different dishes, but in the end we both were craving the fish. It didn't disappoint - we both loved it. The sauce was mushroom arugula.

Besides the fish itself being delicious, the sides were fantastic. Potatoes and crisp peas were the perfect pairing.

We chose different desserts. R is a die-hard chocolate lover, and he picked the brownie. I love chocolate as well, but wanted something different, so I went with the goat cheesecake with strawberry compote.

R thought this was the best dessert he's had in a long time. Mine was delicious too, and I love that it wasn't a huge serving.

The whole experience was great. From the food, to the cosy atmosphere, to the friendly service, we were really impressed and can't wait to go back!

Thanks, Edible Matters!

Glitterary Girl

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