Friday, December 07, 2012


I'm linking up with longdistanceloving and talking about two things that are unnatural:

1) This vest (and I love it).
2) This lighting (and I hate it).

I miss summertime.... when it stays light outside past 4:30 p.m and pictures are much more fun.

Vest: Zara Kids (San Francisco)
Sweater: Kensie (Moments, Truro)
Shirt: Kersh (Moments, Truro)
Jeans: Guess (Moments, Truro)
Boots: Call it Spring (Halifax)
Bracelets: Macy's (San Francisco)
Bag: Coach (Edmonton)

I wore this for a day of very productive shopping.... for someone other than me! Shocking, I know. I was asked to help someone pick out a holiday party outfit, boots, jeans, and casual clothes. It was a great success! She got everything she was looking for. Thanks for the fun afternoon J... and for the Big Apple iced tea from DAVIDsTEA!

Glitterary Girl


Blue Dog Belle said...

Love this! The vest is awesome. Perfect for a day of shopping :)

xo, Emily

Stephanie Koch said...

Haha, ugh. Today I went to do pictures, got doing something else and we had lost the light by 2:45. What kind of depressing nonsense is that? I love that vest and love that it's from Zara kids. I shamelessly raided Joe kids today and may or may not have purchase velvet bow headbands. Okay I did.

Laura Dragomir said...

Very nice outfit!