Monday, November 26, 2012

Glymm November 2012

I love the snakeskin texture of the black bag this month!

Lys Parisien Moisturizing Shampoo and Moisturizing Balm

I've used these twice since they arrived, and I can honestly say they are an excellent hair product. I'm a big fan of argan oil but had never tried it in shampoo form.  You can see from the picture that not a lot of product is gone from the bottles (picture taken after two uses), so I think I'll get at least 15 uses out of these. They make my hair really soft, and I can get three days between washings easily with them.

The New Black nailpolish

I'm such a fan of mini nailpolishes. I have a shoebox that is FULL of nailpolish, and I can sneak in the tiny ones without overflowing it. I haven't tried this on my nails yet, but it looks like a  vibrant tomato red that will be nice for the holidays.

Dirt Sweet + Spicy Sugar Scrub

Body scrubs are always welcome in my shower as I often use sunless tanners and need to get the old tan off. This is the second sample of Dirt I've received from Glymm. I admit I haven't tried either one-  not because I don't want to - I'm trying to use up some Body Shop stuff first.

The Beehive -  Honey Blossom

This is a soft and sweet scent that is great for everyday wear. I'm not loyal to a particular perfume and I like to mix things up, so I really like perfume samples.

Glymm has impressed me this month! I'll probably purchase the shampoo and conditioner to have in addition to my usual Redken Extreme.

If you'd like to sign up for the monthly Glymm treats, please use my link below. They make fabulous and unique Christmas gifts that continue to give after the holidays. There's a Glymm Man line for the fellas too!

Glitterary Girl

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Unknown said...

great review. i would like to try the haircare. its hard to find products for hair that actually work!